Tudor Interiors

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Item Code: WPT-A018

Panelling: Fielded Tudor oak panelling in medium oak stain with moulded plate (top) rack and 6inch moulded skirting.

Tudor Fielded Interior | WPT-A018
Item Code: WPT-A058

Panelling: Oak fielded Tudor style panelling with intermediate pilasters in medium oak stain and polish.

Doors: Isometric design panelled door. Doors can be carved and made to any design and size specified by the client.

Over door panels: Both doors have carved sunburst over door panels, which can be supplied on Guild commission.

Fire Surrounds: Carved oak fire surround and mantle available carved and made to customers size and specification by Guild carvers.

Overmantle: Carved oak over mantle components available and made to customers specification by Guild carvers.

Furniture: Available through the Guild.

Tudor Fielded Interior | WPT-A058
Item Code: WPT-A059

Panelling: Oak tudor panels in medium oak stain and polish.

Fire Surround & Overmantle available from the Woodcarvers Guild made to clients size and specification.

Pilasters available through the Woodcarvers Guild made to clients size and specification.

Tudor Fielded Interior | WPT-A059
Item Code: WPT-A101

Panelling: Fielded oak panelling 5ft high with moulded top rail stained and polished in medium oak.

Furniture available from the Woodcarvers Guild.

Tudor Fielded Interior | WPT-A101